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How the Food Matrix works

A small business owner is trying to find reliable and sustainable packaging for their new product
1. Signs Up to the 
Food Matrix 

The small business owner goes online and discovers and signs up the Food Matrix, a platform that assists with connecting small business with food and beverage experts. 

2. Ask a 

The small business owner asks a question through a form.  

" I’m after a packaging supplier for my new product, Mineral Juice. They need to have environmentally sustainable packaging available…

3. Connect with an 

The question is then sent on to a relevant professional expert, who engages in a private dialogue to resolve the question, in confidence.

4. Join a Broader Community

The expert then introduces the small business owner to a sustainable packing business, thus ending the loop. 

Why the Australian Food and Agri Community?

Community Driven 

Join the network that provides relevant market information and technical expertise to solve the commercial challenges of developing new and healthier food products.


The industry experts you'll connect with come recommended and reviewed; and your commercially sensitive issues remain confidential and will never be shared unless you choose to.


The FIAL Food Matrix has been designed and built as a platform to host trusted knowledge and expert ecosystems. The system facilitates collaboration between food and agri businesses, suppliers, consultants, government agencies and academics within the scope of a defined topic.

Problem solving

Solve product formulation and marketing problems with guided problem solving and community connections that support innovation in the Australian food production industry.

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What Food Matrix can do fo you

We connect businesses with researchers to kickstart industry investment, foster innovation and encourage new product, process, and technology development.

Building Healthier Food 

Connecting food manufacturers with experts to help make, reformulate and market healthier foods.

Building Trust

Food fraud is estimated to cost the global food industry over $50 billion each year. 

Protect your brand name and avoid the costs of counterfeiting and fraudulence by learning how to build trust in your supply chain.


Drive faster to market with access to experts in innovation, packaging and development.

COVID-19 Resources

We have a number of technical insights and resources available to guide you and your business throughout COVID-19 and post-COVID-19.

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Food Matrix Membership 

$14.95 Monthly

A 30-day trial period. At the end of this period, an amount of $14.95, including GST, will be charged per month. 

Creating Connections

The Food Matrix is a collaborative platform to support a range of topic sites.  Our mission is to address innovation challenges through  expert connections and mentoring. This is a service provided by FIAL (Food Innovation Australia Limited)